Fishing for Trouble


From MeezCarrie at "Reading is my Superpower" blog:

Fishing for Trouble is just as enjoyable as its predecessor. I still loved Trooper but I also enjoyed getting to know Chris better too. And of course Charlie who adds lots of wit and insight with her narrative. Logan does a great job of setting the Alaskan scene & weaving a clever plot throughout the story – lots of intriguing twists with this one! This is definitely a series to add to your TBR list!

From Cozy Up With Kathy:

Friendships, romantic entanglements, and the ramifications of love highlight the second Alaska Diner Mystery. I appreciate how Charlie and her crew of employees and friends gather together to solve a complex puzzle. Charlie's ex is a great new character to hate. His behavior is so scuzzy I wanted to take a shower after each of his appearances!

FISHING FOR TROUBLE had me scratching my head wondering just what was going on and who was to blame. Interesting characters and the Alaskan setting kept me engaged, hungry, and glad I don't work at a fish processing facility. --

From Books a Plenty:

Welcome back to Alaska. Charlie is still enjoying running the family diner while her parents enjoy semi-retirement. The book starts with a bang when one of their diners collapses and dies before he even gets served. Worried about the diner's reputation Charlie starts nosing around to figure out what happened. Along with her reporter friend Chris and BFF Annie the clues pile up fast even if they don't make sense to her at first. To make it even better the local Sheriff's office has a small staff so they even ask for help which is a nice change of pace. Provides a great insight into life in Alaska as the mystery plays out filled with plenty of varying characters. Lots of twists to keep you guessing leading to a satisfying ending when they solve not one but two mysteries. Makes for a pleasant read for cozy fans wanting a look into Alaska.

From Sapphyria's Book Reviews:

Fishing for Trouble is another wonderful book in the Alaskan Diner Mystery series. Set in the Alaskan summertime, I enjoyed how the author delivers a book showing readers what the weather is like in Alaska during that time. It's not as warm as some states in the lower 48 but temps are mild. The clothing required for summers doesn't generally include shorts but you don't need to be bundled up in a polar suit either. The author does a great job weaving several storylines together, steeping the story in reality. 

The path to discovering the real murderer is twisted and bumpy, leading Charlie in several directions that are dead-ends or just lead to more questions. The book is full of surprises and twists in the plot the reader will never see coming. The author does a great job with the mystery, the character development, and providing the reader vivid imagery allowing the story to played out like a movie as you read along. The book also has some pretty amazing characters, ones I enjoy learning more about in each book.

From Jennifer, Moonlight Rendezvous:

Review (4 Stars): Fishing for Trouble was a fun, exciting mystery in one of my favorite locations.  Charlie is a great heroine and I couldn’t help but like her and rooted for her to figure out what happened to the young man in her diner.  This is the second book in the Alaskan Diner series and you can’t help to fall in love with this series.

From Christy, at Christy's Cozy Corners:

As in Mousse and Murder, I absolutely love these characters. The recurring characters feel like they’re my old friends. I could walk into the diner, order the special, and catch up on the latest gossip. The camaraderie among the characters is evident in Fishing for Trouble even more so than in the first book….which is as it should be. These characters are well-developed, and I love being able to gain more insight with each book. I’m already excited for book 3!
Fishing for Trouble is such an entertaining book. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the mystery, the characters, the cats, and of course, the setting!