Matrimony in Miniature



In Grace’s enjoyable ninth Miniature mystery (after 2015’s Manhattan in Miniature), retired English teacher and hobby-miniaturist Gerry Porter is to be married in a few days to Henry Baker in Lincoln Point, Calif., at the Lincoln Point Inn, a B and B owned by Gerry’s friend Nora Michaels. The wedding plans take a backseat when the wife of Gerry’s friend and fellow crafter Ron Templeton is found shot and drowned, floating facedown in the inn’s pool. Gerry, aided as always by her computer-savvy 11-year-old granddaughter, Maddie, feels compelled to help her homicide-detective nephew, Skip Gowen, solve the murder and clear Ron before her wedding day. Concerned about Gerry and Maddie’s safety, Skip warns them not to get involved and refuses to share information about the case. Not that this deters Gerry or Maddie in their investigation. A realistic and very human cast of characters enhances this cozy, as does the loving relationship between Gerry and Maddie. (Sept.)

Publishers Weekly - July 18, 2016