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Despite the nom de plume, the prolific Camille Minichino cannot disguise her talent and expertise in this excellent “first in a brand-new series,” a mystery that has her name written all over it. Flowers/Minichino has concocted an original hook in this first “Postmistress Mystery.” Cassie Miller relinquishes her important job in Boston’s main post office in order to return to her small-town home in the Berkshires and assume a position as the town’s postmistress. This seemingly innocuous existence is challenged when a mysterious theft and murder draw Cassie into a new avocation: sleuthing. Cassie has also found a new love interest, but it becomes apparent that he is operating under an assumed name and has a mysterious past. Is he a murderer or can she follow her gut instinct and trust him? Death Takes Priority puts an entirely new, and positively welcome, spin on “going postal.”
-- Lynne F. Maxwell, Mystery Scene