Cook Thomas H. The Chatham School Affair 2012-04
Tyler L. C.  Ten Little Herrings 2012-05
Parker Ann Silver Lies 2012-06
Smith Martin Cruz Rose 2012-07
Connelly Michael The Last Coyote 2012-08
George Elizabeth A Place of Hiding 2012-09
Paretsky Sara Hardball 2012-10
Reichs Kathy Fatal Voyage 2012-11
Turow Scott Innocent 2012-12 6–8
Bradley Alan The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie 2013-01
Verdon John Think of a Number 2013-02
Christie Agatha A Carribbean Mystery 2013-03
Royal Priscilla Wine of Violence 2013-04
Penny Louise Still Life 2013-05
Madison Ada The Square Root of Murder 2013-06
Atkinson Kate Case Histories 2013-07
Peters Elizabeth He Shall Thunder in the Sky 2013-08
Rankin Ian Resurrection Men 2013-09
Leon Donna Friends in High Places 2013-10
Vorhaus John The California Roll 2013-11
Kanon Joseph Istanbul 2013-12
Rendel Ruth From Doon with Death 2014-01
Barr Nevada Track of the Cat 2014-02
Todd Charles A Test of Wills 2014-03
Tey Josephine Daughter of Time 2014-04
Smith Martin Cruz Gorky Park 2014-05
McNeal Susan Mr. Churchill's Secretary 2014-06
Hart Carolyn Death in Paradise 2014-07
Hinger Charlotte Deadly Descent 2014-08
Quirk Matthew The 500 2014-09
Clement Blaize Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter 2014-10
King Stephen Joyland 2014-11
Christie Agatha Hercule Poirot's Christmas 2014-12
Blackwell Juliet Secondhand Spirits 2015-01
Galbraith Robert The Cuckoo's Calling 2015-02
Pike Penny Death of a Crabby Cook 2015-03
Carr Caleb The Alienist 2015-04
Cotterill Colin The Coroner's Lunch 2015-05
Fairstein Linda Final Jeopardy 2015-06
Blackwell Juliet If Walls Could Talk 2015-07
Pessl Marisha Night Film 2015-08
Drew Nancy NANCY DREW NIGHT 2015-09
Nunn Malla A Beautiful Place to Die 2015-10
Marwood Alex The Wicked Girls 2015-11
Perry Anne An Anne Perry Christmas: Two Holiday Novels: A Christmas Journey and A Christmas Visitor 2015-12
Hamilton Steve A Cold Day in Paradise 2016-1
Levine Laura This Pen For Hire 2016-2
Franklin Ariana The Mistress of the Art of Death 2016-3
Hillerman Tony The Blessing Way 2016-4
Abu-Jaber Diana Origin 2016-5
Indriðason Arnaldur Jar City 2016-6
Stewart Mary Madam Will You Talk? 2016-7
Baldacci David Absolute Power 2016-8
Poe Edgar Allen POE NIGHT 2016-9
Grisham John A Time to Kill 2016-10
Keller Julia A Killing in the Hills 2016-11
Page Katherine Hall The Body in the Sleigh: A Faith Fairchild Mystery 2016-12
Haissen Carl Double Whammy 2017-1
Berney Lou The Long and Farawy Gone 2017-2
Marsh Ngaio A Man Lay Dead 2017-3
Myers Tamar The Witch Doctor's Wife 2017-4
Crais Robert Chasing Darkness 2017-5
Sansom C. J. Dissolution 2017-6
Perry Thomas The Butcher's Boy 2017-7
May Peter The Blackhouse 2017-8
Akashic Noir  anthology (various authors) Oakland Noir 2017-9
Faye Lyndsay Jane Steele 2017-10
Cross Amanda The Imperfect Spy 2017-11
Greenwood Kerry Murder in the Dark 2017-12
Finch Charles A Beautiful Blue Death: The First Charles Lenox Mystery 2018-1
Ziskin James Styx & Stone 2018-2
Flynn Gillian Gone Girl 2018-3
Hawley Noah Before the Fall 2018-4
French Tana In the Woods 2018-5
Cleeves Ann Raven Black 2018-6
Locke Attica Black Water Rising 2018-7
le Carre John The Spy Who Came in from the Cold 2018-8
Grafton Sue OPEN CHOICE OF NOVEL 2018-9
Robotham Michael The Suspect 2018-10
Horowitz Anthony Magpie Murders 2018-11
Shames Terry A Killing at Cotton Hill 2018-12  
Collins Wilkie Woman in White 2019-1
Robb J.D, Naked in Death 2019-2
Nesbo Jo The Bat 2019-3
Evanovich Janet One for the Money 2019-4
Jacobs Nova The Last Equation of Isaac Severy 2019-5
Mosley Walter

Down by the River Unto the Sea

Massey Sujata The Widows of Malabar Hill 2019-7
Goldberg Tod Gangsterland 2019-8
Oates Joyce Carol Night-Gaunts and Other Tales of Suspense 2019-9
Pronzini Bill The Snatch 2019-10
MacLeod Shea Lady Rample and the Ghost of Christmas Past 2019-12