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Friday, March 10, NOON - 2 PM
JFK, Pleasant Hill, CA (925) 969-4313
Great Women in Science
From Hypatia in 5 AD to Rosalind Franklin in the 20th century, women have done pioneering work in science and engineering. This presentation focuses on the contributions of 5 pioneers in various scientific disciplines.

Friday, April 14, NOON to 2 PM
JFK, Pleasant Hill, CA (925) 969-4313
Science and Society
This seminar will focus on how different eras have responded to revolutions in science and technology, and the issues that force us to rethink our ideas about life and death. Topics range from how the universe began, to stem cell research; from how the universe might end, to cloning, nuclear energy, and artificial intelligence.


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Classes Available

The Four Forces of Physics
A full course in basic physics. Fifteen weeks, three hours per week.

Revolutions in Scientific Thought From Plato to Einstein
A class in the philosophy of science, emphasizing turning points in scientific thought. Five weeks, three hours per week.

Science for Non-Scientists
A class in science literacy designed for non-technical people. Flexible number of hours.

Everything You've Always Wanted to Know about Equations
A class to help clerical and non-technical people understand the language of equations. Four to six hours.

A Logical Approach to Communication
A class on informal logic, designed to enhance powers of critical thinking and improve communications skills. Four to six hours.