Camille Minichino - Classes


Fall 2022

Creative Writing Workshop

Have you always wanted to write a novel? A short story? Your memoirs? This class emphasizes the craft of writing: plotting, developing characters, point of view, dialogue, and setting. You'll learn techniques for submitting a proposal to an agent or publisher. Each class includes lecture, discussion, critique, and writing exercises.

Three Sessions, each 11AM to 2 PM
Saturday, October 8
Saturday, October 15
Saturday, October 29


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Classes Available

The Four Forces of Physics
A full course in basic physics. Fifteen weeks, three hours per week.

Revolutions in Scientific Thought From Plato to Einstein
A class in the philosophy of science, emphasizing turning points in scientific thought. Five weeks, three hours per week.

Science for Non-Scientists
A class in science literacy designed for non-technical people. Flexible number of hours.

Everything You've Always Wanted to Know about Equations
A class to help clerical and non-technical people understand the language of equations. Four to six hours.

A Logical Approach to Communication
A class on informal logic, designed to enhance powers of critical thinking and improve communications skills. Four to six hours.