Camille Minichino

Author's Corner: The Square Root of Murder by Ada Madison, A.K.A. Camille Minichino

by Wendy Smith

Camille Minichino, a PhD physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, will be releasing the first book of her third murder series on July 5th.

Camille Minichino, a PhD physicist who works at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, is an accomplished author of two murder mystery series and is set to publish the first book of a third, new series.

The Square Root of Murder will be released on July 5th.
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Under the pen name Ada Madison, Camille Minichino introduces Dr. Sophie Knowles, a mathematics professor for a small Massachusetts college campus.

Her students enjoy her classes because of her ability to make math easy to understand. During her spare time, Sophie creates puzzles for publication, enjoys beading with her friend Ariana, and spends time with her handsome boyfriend, Medevac pilot Bruce Granville.

When a professor disliked by most of the college staff and student body is found murdered, Sophie adds amateur detective to her list of hobbies. Rachel Wheeler, Sophie's assistant, becomes the primary suspect by the local police. Sophie sets out to prove Rachel's innocence putting her own life on the line.

Camille has published eight novels in her first series, the "Periodic Table Mysteries." In this series, Dr. Gloria Lamerino, a retired physicist, signs on to help the police department in science-related homicides.

The Hydrogen Murder is the beginning of Gloria's adventures and soon she realizes she may have 118 cases ahead of her. After the eighth novel The Oxygen Murder was published, the "Periodic Table Mysteries" continued in short stories on Kindle and on

The "Miniature Mysteries" series, published under the pen name Margaret Grace, features retired high school English teacher Geraldine Porter. Retirement suits Geraldine well as it gives her time to spend on her hobbies: dollhouses and miniatures. When a murder hits her small town, Geraldine and her ten-year-old granddaughter, Maddie, find themselves playing detective to solve less-than-miniature murder mysteries.

Geraldine will be returning next spring in the sixth book of the series, Mix Up in Miniature.

Camille Minichino, is a Bay Area resident with an impressive resume.

Camille received her doctorate in physics from Fordham University, New York City. She currently is a faculty member at Golden Gate University, San Francisco and is on staff at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Camille has contributed to many publications involving nuclear and fusion energy.

In addition, she received the Jack London Award from the California Writers Club in 2007. Camille is a board member for the California Writers Club and NorCal Sisters in Crime. She is also member of NorCal Mystery Writers of America and San Francisco Romance Writers of America.

Camille uses her expertise in science and math alongside her hobbies, dollhouses and miniatures, to inspire her creative fiction.

She creates strong, academic heroines in her novels to encourage girls to pursue science and mathematics careers normally dominated by men. Her hope is to teach girls that science and math is fun.

Camille's fan club includes her husband of 34 years, Dick Rufer, whom Camille spoke about with affection. His continued support for her passion to write, her love for her hobbies, and the need to travel has been the foundation of their successful marriage.

The Square Root of Murder by Ada Madison can be purchased locally at Towne Center Books and Barnes and Noble in Dublin.