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April Fool. Or not.

First a famous April Fool prank from 1998:

• MIT students hacked the school’s site to proclaim that the school had been bought by a well-known entertainment conglomerate.

And a couple of great April Fool hoaxes:

            2013 – Teleportation Machine. The University of Michigan College of Engineering demonstrates a teleportation machine.

            • 2019 – The Flat Earth Globe. Behold an Earth that does not spin and is not spherical.

Finally, a group of serious (no fooling) milestones on April 1:

            • 1889 – First dishwasher marketed

            • 1875 — The Times of London published the first weather map in a newspaper

            • 1960 – The first weather satellite was launched.

            • 1976 – Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne founded Apple Computer.

            • 2004 – Google unveiled gmail.

Have a fun day!