Lucky number 20?


It’s always exciting when a new book comes out. MANHATTAN IN MINIATURE is my 20th traditionally published mystery. Was the arrival of this book on my doorstep as exciting as when THE HYDROGEN MURDER arrived 18 years ago? Hard to say.

I don’t dance around the room with it and prop it up at the foot of my bed as with #1. I’m a little more blasé

However, in a way, I like this 20th book better. At least I hope it is; I’ve learned a great deal with each book, so this one should be 20 times better than the first, right?

MANHATTAN IN MINIATURE will get a lot more of my attention than the first book. Back then, there was no Facebook. There was no way to e-promote; there were no blogs.

I did something I haven’t done before in MANHATTAN – I pulled a character out of another series and included him in this one. THE OXYGEN MURDER, also set in Manhattan, introduced an NYPD cop whom Gloria Lamerino and Detective Matt Gennaro help solve a case. He’s Buzz Arnold, who’s never without a Yogi Berra quote. I’ve brought him back in this new book—an inside joke, if you will.

Meanwhile, I’m working on the 9th miniature mystery, MATRIMONY IN MINIATURE. You guessed it: Gerry Porter and Henry Baker are ready to call it a marriage.


Comment here by March 16 to enter a drawing for an advance copy of MANHATTAN IN MINIATURE. I’ll announce the winner on St. Patrick’s Day.


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3 Responses to “Lucky number 20?”

  1. Miss Merry says:

    I can’t wait to read about Gerry’s adventures when she returns to New York! Sometimes we are just as excited, but maybe not so exuberant? I know I am just as excited about my sixth grandchild as I was when my first grandchild was born, but I don’t think I am screaming it from the rooftops like I did the first time!

  2. Sue Brunkow says:

    Ohh, I’d love an advance reading copy. And, I’m looking forward
    to “matrimony”. I started with one of the recent ones, and then had to go back
    and find the older ones, just to see how they met and how their relationship

  3. Lynette K says:

    Congratulations. Even though I enjoy all of your books, the Periodic Tables Mysteries are my favorite. How fun to have Buzz appear in your latest book.