Democracy in action

This week, it’s hard to write about anything other than my participation in one of the marches last Saturday, January 21,2017.

Friend and fellow author Ann Parker and I took ourselves to New York City to join the Women’s March. We’ll never have an exact number of marchers, but I’m going with the 400,000 suggested by Mayor Di Blasio’s office.

It’s not my first rodeo <grin> (remember the 60s?), but I’ll never forget the experience of having so many people—men, women, and children—united, smiling at strangers, proudly waving hand-made posters, pressing together in solidarity, with no reported “incidents”.

For those who might wonder “why” these marches all over the world, this video offers one of the best explanations of the NYC march.

And this is my offer of proof that I was there!

The most important part of the day, next to the sheer numbers, was visiting the “activist room” at the HQ hotel — tables of people/info on various political groups with a specific cause to learn about or join. The idea is that the incredible events on Saturday should be followed by constant and consistent action, even if it’s only an email, a petition signed, or a phone call to a local rep, on a regular basis.

Doesn’t this seem like a good idea, no matter which side you’re on?

Take one! Almost as good as being there.

As a bonus for handing out buttons for 3 hours, I got to take a bag home. Want one? Comment here and let me know if you want large (~2″ diam) or small (~3/4″ diam) or a couple of each. As long as supply lasts!


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5 Responses to “Democracy in action”

  1. Lorie Ham says:

    I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to put my email or snail mail so put email. I would love one big and one small (or 2 of each is even better if you have them so spare) one for me and one for my daughter!

  2. Camille says:

    2 of each will be on the way, Lorie. Send your snail address however you want, here or message me on FB.

  3. Mysti Berry says:

    I’d love one of each if there’s any left. I’ll see you at Sisters in Crime/Feb., maybe?


    We can fix this. We really can.

  4. Maryellen Hamernik says:

    I marched for the very first time ever (I am 60) in Washington DC. I boarded a bus from Ohio, not knowing another person, bus broke down in PA, we had to hitchhike on a 2nd bus which got lost and dumped us on a street corner no where near the rally. We walked and found a crowd, marched on a secondary street, never heard a speaker or got within a mile of anything official, It was one of the greatest experiences of my life! Every resident of Washington DC could not have been kinder, the police, park service and metro people could not have been more helpful. I have made friends for life and the spirit has moved me to continue with the 10 actions in 100 days!!! I marched with names of those who could not join me on my poster and had hoped to bring them mementos of the trip. By the time we got to vendors, they were either sold out or I could not afford the budget breakers that were left. I would love buttons if any are left!!!! PS – we made it home due to the most fabulous bus driver ever, who when he could not get a mechanic to come after 3 hours, fixed the bus himself and delivered the ones who could not get rides to rally about 6 hours late. He rode home with us and a sub driver and the bus company is offering us all free tickets to the next rally!

  5. Camille says:

    Mysti — Buttons on the way in case I don’t see you!

    Maryellen — what a story! I had the same feeling of unity and exhilaration, but my only hardship was sore knees! You are an inspiration. Send your USPS address and I’ll send buttons!