It had been a while since there was a tv drama I liked. Then I found “Billions” and now I’ve lost “Billions.” There’s no sign of when it might return.

Friends are surprised I liked the show about billionaires and the world of high finance. I can barely understand low finance. Not that I’m poor, I just don’t get money things.

My family lived on the dollar bills my father brought home on Fridays, in a little brown envelope, after shoveling cement all week. We never had a checking account, and credit cards hadn’t been born.

Then, I left home and took a vow of poverty, the kind where you’re not allowed to have money in your possession.

So, what about the plot in “Billions?” Frankly, I have no idea.

This is an example of a HEDGE FUND, as featured in the tv show “Billions.” Except that this is a friend fixing our hedge and we didn’t pay her, so now I’m confused.

All I know is

            1) Damian Lewis (the billionaire) and Paul Giamatti (the DA) head up an incredible cast of characters, and

            2) The writing oozes equally incredible dialogue.

What I know of the plot is that in every episode either the billionaire or the DA would win. Also, the DA was always trying to catch the billionaire doing something illegal, and in doing so, he was borderline legal himself.

Why does any of this matter? Because it’s the same with books—novels, stories. They’re about characters, writing, and plot. For me, if the first two are done well, I can live with failures of plot.  



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