Pure Sport

While everyone was glued to something called the Olympics, I decided to travel back to this month in 1950, August 11, in fact, when Boston Braves pitcher Vern Bickford pitched a no-hitter against the Brooklyn Dodgers, giving the Braves a win of 7-0.

Those were the days, my friend. Pure Sport, no soap opera behind-the-scenes tales or Vern Bickford throw mats and fragrances.

At least I thought so. A short time later, I learned about the Pure Business part, when the Braves ditched Boston for a more financially rewarding Milwaukee.

For more on this, see: www.minichino.com/OtherWorks/boston_braves.html

My short-lived love of Pure Baseball is enshrined in an authentic, signed photo of Warren Spahn on my bookcase. Spahn stands next to a Boston Braves hat (not authentic) and a pile of engineering reports. Places of honor.


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