The Oxygen Murder

Oxygen Cover

By Camille Minichino

New York City welcomes Gloria Lamerino and her husband, homicide detective Matt Gennaro, in this eighth installment of the Periodic Table Mystery series. In <i>The Oxygen Murder</i>, Gloria and her best friends Rose and Frank are on vacation. They all plan to visit Matt's niece, filmmaker Lori Pizzano, and to enjoy the holiday sights. But when Gloria stumbles over the body of Lori's camerawoman in a Times Square loft, she is thrust once again into dangerous sleuthing.


From: Publisher's Weekly

In Minichino's eighth chemistry-themed mystery (after 2005's The Nitrogen Murder), Gloria Lamerino, a physicist, and her new husband, homicide detective Matt Gennaro, head to New York City for a much-anticipated Christmas holiday. But Gloria gets sidetracked from shopping and sightseeing when she discovers a murdered woman in the apartment of Matt's niece, Lori Pizzano, a documentary filmmaker. The victim is Lori's camerawoman, Amber Keenan, whose ambition and schemes could have provoked a number of suspects. Lori and Amber had been working on an environmental sciences documentary film about the ozone layer, and had encountered corporations that could be ignoring governmental safety regulations and using strong-arm tactics. Is Lori in danger, too? But Amber's other gig was as a photographer for a PI, and she may have aggravated more than a few questionable characters with her snooping. Cozy fans will find this a breezy summer read. (May 9)

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From: Booklist

In this eighth in the Periodic Table series, newly married physicist Gloria Lamerino and her homicide-detective husband, Matt Gennaro, have left Revere, Massachusetts, to travel to New York City. With Matt at a law-enforcement convention, Gloria is free to enjoy New York with friends Rose and Frank Galigani. Then a colleague of Matt's niece, documentary filmmaker Lori Pizzano, is found dead in Lori's loft, and Lori is a possible suspect. Gloria, naturally, can't resist investigating. Facts about ozone and its effects on industrial workers are woven seamlessly into the story, as Lori shares her research on her upcoming documentary with Gloria, and Gloria reflects further on oxygen and the environment. Sympathetic characters, the examination of the close friendship between Gloria and Rose, and plenty of humor enliven an engrossing story framed by interesting information on the science of ozone.

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