Camille Minichino - Archives 2001-1999


Past Signings and Presentations

August 4, 2001
Danville Library
Danville, CA
To view a photo of the Participants in the round table discussion, click here

June 9, 2001
Visit to Kate's Mystery Books in Cambridge, Massachusetts

March 20, 2000
Barnes & Noble
Dublin, CA
with Robin Burcell and Penny Warner

April 30, 2000
Long Beach, CA
Camille Minichino and science fiction writer Gregory Benford gave a talk at the American Physical Society meeting in Long Beach, California. They presented "Physicist Writers: Communicating Science in Mystery and Science Fiction" at the session on Physics and Society.

June 25, 1999
Barnes & Noble
333 Longwood Ave., Boston, MA

June 29, 1999
Revere Public Library
Revere, MA

June 30, 1999
Buttonwood Books and Toys
Cohasset, MA

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