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Museums, Part 2-ish

Here are a few samples from my summer museum visits. Which would you linger by?

Madame X by John Singer Sargent

Glass and neon with transformer by Keith Sonnier

3 of 4 paintings by Van Gogh, never before exhibited together

The Original Selfies

Earlier this month, I wandered into the Morgan Library and Museum on Madison Avenue in New York. I hadn’t been there in decades and was pleased to see a new wing—a common occurrence in my museum hopping lately, a la the Gardner in Boston and the whole new Whitney down by the High Line. I’m glad to see museums prospering and do my best to help, especially in the gift shops.

Exhibits at the Morgan this summer feature 150 years of Alice in Wonderland (see what the real Alice was like!); photographs by Emmet Gowin; and portrait drawings from Durer to Picasso.

A fun observation in the Morgan: an intro to the portrait drawings refers to self portraits of Rembrandt, Matisse, and the like as Selfies!  So I had to take one.

Edgar® Week 2015

As promised: a pictorial summary of my week in New York for the Edgars®.

• A trip to the Museum of Arts and Design at Columbus Circle, for an amazing exhibit of paintings by photorealist Richard Estes. Here’s a shot of his Hotel Empire, oil on canvas:

• An orchestra seat (OK, the very last row!) at The Audience, starring Helen Mirren:

• The Edgar ® Banquet, black tie and glitter. And me (moderately glittery) presenting the Edgar to my new BFF, Stephen King:

• A tribute to New York’s way of dealing with trees. Instead of letting them get out of hand, trap them in beautiful art deco metal frames:

• A great traveling companion, Ann Parker, author of the award-winning Silver Rush Mysteries, shown here at the Oyster Bar in GCT:

• And when a building is high enough, add a few stories:

Start spreading the news . . .

Galileo and Bach

There’s nothing like a little physics and music combination to start the month. Click on the caption for an amazing rendition of Bach on an inclined plane.

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