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Day 5

image from Steve Bidmead on Pixabay

The 5th day of Christmas — my true love wanted to surpass the traditional gift.

Merry merry —

Or whatever your favorite greeting is, to go with whatever you celebrate at this time of year.

There’s no going back from this version of our Christmas dollhouse — cards have gone out with this image, the final version. But The First Day of Christmas is not for another few days, which means you can still receive yours before The Twelfth Day! Address please, and it will arrive on time!

Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough

It’s all over the news, so I’ll just offer an article as a summary.

The 192-beam experiment

As many of you know, I worked at “the lab” as we called it, as if it were the only one in existence. I spent a short time in the laser fusion program, back when there were only 20 beams aimed at the tiny target.

This is good news for the planet.

Watch this spot!


As you know, if you’ve ever visited here, I like to look back at anniversaries, sometimes memorable like yesterday’s Pearl Harbor Day, if we can call it that, or today, December 8 in 1980 when John Lennon was fatally shot by a “fan.”

The Deer Hunter premiered and Reagan and Gorbachev signed a nuclear weapons reduction treaty.

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