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Does it seem I’m always a little (or a lot) behind the news?

Here’s why.

The “daily” newspaper accumulates on a nearby chair.

This time I’m almost a month late with news of the death of Virginia Norwood, a pioneer in satellite imaging. Here’s the story.

However, thanks to a large above-the-fold photo of Harry Belafonte, I did not miss the sad news of his passing.

Are you among the people I admire, who read a daily paper, on the day?

My amazing late cousin not only read The Boston Globe cover to cover every day, she did the crossword of the day. I’ve tried to follow in her footsteps, to no avail so far.

Any hints?

Boston Marathon

Last Saturday was the 10th anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing — April 15, 2013.

The unfinished story here and here.


Coming soon (again)

This seems to be the year, or the quarter, for my backlist. You may remember my short story “The Sodium Arrow” (2013) was included in the Valentine’s Day 2023 issue of the magazine Black Cat Weekly #76.

Today my wonderful editor, formerly of Perseverance Press, alerted me to a review of Mix-Up in Miniature, #6 in the Miniature Mysteries (2012), re-released by Crossroad Press (2021). The new review is in CrimeReads Magazine.

Coming soon from Crossroad Press will be my 2014 Killer in the Cloister.

Watch this spot!

Another sports rant?

Sorry — but April 6, 1896 marks the opening of the first modern Olympic games, in Athens, Greece.

To me, televised sports are a distraction to take people’s (read, voters’) attention from politics and the importance of staying informed through trusted sources. Why can’t we keep sports in the ring, on the diamond, the court, the course, the field?

OK, I’ll admit it; it also pains me when my favorite dramas are in recess so A Sport, Any Sport can take over the entertainment world.

Who’s with me here?