2017 Puzzle Review

Many of you know of the puzzle mania that characterizes our home.

Here’s the latest one we’re working on (well, mostly the Rufer part of the family). It’s a collage of foods from yesteryear, some of which are still around, some not.

"Things I Ate As a Kid"

If you want to see the complete inventory of puzzles from 2017 and years past, here’s the link:


Note: The Rufer puzzle blog does not accept comments, but The Real Me does, so feel free to comment here! And, above all,

Happy New Year!


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2 Responses to “2017 Puzzle Review”

  1. Camille says:

    Same here, Carole — whereas I’m more casual about it! Happy to share. Anyone in particular you like? We might still have it.

  2. Carole Price says:

    I have puzzles to share, if interested. Problem is, once Cliff starts one he doesn’t want to do anything else.