The Other Gloria

My dear cousin Gloria (1925-2022)

As you might know if you follow my Facebook posts, Gloria died last week, a few days after her 97th birthday. She was a model for me all her life. She was a college graduate (Simmons College, Boston, 1946), probably the first I’d met outside of my teachers, and a became a lab assistant to polio researchers in the 1940s and ’50, attached to the well-known, Nobel-winning Enders laboratories. Amazing!

Gloria at work, c. 1947

In the ‘90s, I named my first protagonist after her and I loved that she would then call herself “The Other Gloria,” signing cards and notes that way.

In her honor, I’d love to send an e-copy of “The Hydrogen Murder,” the first in that series, to anyone who’d like one. Send your email address to me


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2 Responses to “The Other Gloria”

  1. Maryellen says:

    What a terrific trailblazer and role model for other women! I am so sorry for the loss of your cousin. Gloria sounds like she was very inspiring, not just for you, but for others, too. I love that she called herself the “Other Gloria”!!

  2. Lynette K says:

    What a great tribute. I’ll send an email for the book. Thanks.