That dollhouse I posted a couple of weeks ago? Fuhgettaboutit. On closer look, it was a real fixer-upper, with pieces of the exterior construction unconnected to each other, some splintered and broken. One good rainstorm, and it would have fallen apart!

So here’s a new one.

Formerly a mini Post Office, you man remember, now out of business, and being renovated as a small house in the woods.

The problem is, no place for a bedroom or bath. My plan is to add a loft, connecting that bar in front to a ledge in the back. I’m still working out what to use for the loft. Poster board might do; it won’t have anything heavy on it. Or a carpet swatch if I can find one.

Then, of course, I can decorate for the holidays. Christmas tree is ready to drag in! I’ll post here before I send it off to be auctioned at a local school fair.

In case you forgot what the PO looked like!


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One Response to “DOLLHOUSE v. 2”

  1. Lynette K says:

    Looking forward to seeing the finished miniature. I am rereading your miniature series.