Not a best seller

Forgive me if I reproduce a FB post, but I’m still thinking about the email I got this morning: My past is catching up with me. I got a notice from an academic site that someone read my paper, “Inspection Methods for Safeguards Systems at Nuclear Facilities.” Not a NYT Noteworthy.

Here’s photo documentation of that era.

At work, c. 1980

As I’ve also admitted, a book I co-wrote with my boss at the time, “Nuclear Waste Management Abstracts,” was not a best seller.

What else could I do but turn to fiction where I’ve been a “best seller” at least for a cumulative 15 minutes, counting all 25+ novels plus short stories?


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One Response to “Not a best seller”

  1. Lynette K says:

    I am very glad you started writing fiction. All your series are great reads. My favorite one is still the Periodic Table series.