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Blinstrub’s and a Chesterfield

Are you here?

It’s about time I used my computer the way it was meant to be used: to find old friends.

I found this photo in a box of old black-and-whites. It was in a folder marked “Blinstrub’s,” which I remember as a Boston nightclub where everything was happening. If you could afford a night at Blinstrub’s and a pack of cigarettes, you were among the chosen. How you came into such wealth was never questioned.

I searched Google and got its history, but it didn’t help in identifying the men in this photo.

If I don’t find out soon 1) why there are only men in the photo, 2) what they were celebrating, 3) what schemes they came up with — I’m going to make it all up and publish it.

Are you in here? Is your grandfather the third from the front on the left side of the table?

Give me a call!